The Asia Pacific Yo-Yo Championships run on support from family, friends, relatives and volunteers. However, as AP grows bigger each year, we find ourselves being short-handed on more occasions than one.

Whether you are a die-hard yo-yo fan, want to cheer on a friend, give back to the community or just want to learn how to run an event, being a volunteer is a great way to be involved.

We are seeking volunteers to help out during event week and on the event weekend.

Volunteers will get to:
1)Learn how an event runs
2)Learn how to run an event
3)Experience being on the field making decisions
4)Have mentors and buddies to guide them through the event
5)Participate in one of the biggest yo-yo competitions around
6) Participate in the AP After Party for free
7) Receive the AP Registration Pack for free



The Co-Emcee will need to share emceeing duties with the main Emcee.


Announce and introduce Judges & Competitors onto the stage.
Make regular announcements and broadcast event information.

Stage Manager

The Stage Manager needs to own the stage and ensure that the event runs smoothly and on time.


Keep track of event flow and timing.
Ensure competitors are ready by stage-side before their turn.
Sequence and liaise with performers before and during their stage segment.

Music Co-ordinator

The Music Co-ordinator will need to play the music/songs for each competitor.


Assist with playing the music/songs for each competitor.
Ensure that music is played correctly (1 minute or 3 minutes) for each freestyle.
Ensure that the music tallies to the competitor who is on stage.

Videography Crew

Videography Crew member needs to assist with filming, editing, uploading Freestyle Videos.


Film every Freestyle (Camera on Tripod).
Cut, edit and export each Freestyle video.
Upload each Freestyle video onto the AP YouTube Channel.

First Aider

First Aider will need to be on hand to render first aid if the need arises.


Be on hand to render first aid as and when needed.
Be on standby in the event that a competitor is not feeling well, and needs to be taken to a doctor.

Registration Personnel

Registration Personnel needs to assist with registering participants before the event.


Register participants before the event starts.
Ensure that all payments and music are collected.
Order and sequence competitors’ music.
Distribute AP Registration Package when competitors come in to register.

Logistics Personnel

Logistics Personnel will need to help with moving / shifting all event equipment to & from the event venue.


Assist with moving and shifting all event equipment to the event venue.
Assist with the set-up of the venue. (Judge Tables, Chairs, Booth, etc)
Assist with the packing up and clearing after the event ends.
Assist with the setting up and packing of all event equipment and inventory.


After-party Facilitator

After Party Facilitator will need to help set up, and ensure the AP After Party runs smoothly.


Assist with set-up for the AP Bash After Party.
Work together to prep and get the venue organised for the Party.
Ensure all Bash participants are either AP competitors or have a Bash ticket for entry.
Assist with distributing food, drinks, liaising with sound man, etc.

Prize-giving Co-ordinator

Prize-giving Co-ordinator needs to arrange and prepare prize table for the prize-giving ceremony.


Assist with arranging and preparing prize table for the prize-giving ceremony.
Assist with handing over the correct prizes to the GOH during the ceremony.
Assist with preparing and packing prizes during the event.

Emcee Runner

Emcee Runner will need to assist the Emcee & Stage Manager in ensuring that competitors and players are organized before going on stage.


Assist the Emcee & Stage Manager in ensuring that competitors and players are organized before going on stage.
Assist with the welfare of the Emcee.
Great learning opportunity to learn to Emcee & to manage the stage.

Event Runner

Event Runner will need to assist Judges/Media Crew during the course of the event.


Assist the Judges/Media Crew in ensuring that competitors and players do not get in the way during competition.
Assist to look out for the welfare of the Judges/Media Crew.

**If you wish to help out as a Volunteer, but are worried about missing out on certain parts of the event, feel free to drop us an email with your interest and availability and we will find a good fit for you. Any form of help is precious to us, and the AP Crew appreciates and is grateful to all Volunteers in making AP the event it is.**

Email us at info(AT)asiapacyoyo.com now if you wish to, and are interested in, being a volunteer today!
*Replace (AT) with @