1 July 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM

2 July 10:00 AM - 8:00 PM

3 July 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM


Competition - Far East Plaza, Singapore

After Party Bash - 10 Square Auditorium, Orchard Central, Level 10

Registration Cost:

Early Bird Registration: S$50 for One division and additional S$10 for each additional division

Regular Registration: S$60 for One division and additional S$10 for each additional division

Late Registration: S$75 for One division and additional S$15 for each additional division

Hotel Cost:

The estimated average cost per person / night is estimated to be about S$75 depending on Hotel you choose to stay at.

Event Registration:

30 June 2016 - Spinworkx Store (181 Orchard Road, Orchard Central, #05-24/25)

1 July 2016 - Far East Plaza Atrium

Competitor’s Entitlement:

- Entry to 1 division of your choice (Additional divisions at $10 fee)

  1. -Certificate of Participation

  2. -AP 2016 T-Shirt worth S$24.90

  3. -AP 2016 Lanyard with Competitor’s Pass worth S$8.90 (**Competitor’s pass is only for participants, not visitors)

  4. -AP Event Booklet worth S$15

  5. -Food and Drinks for Closing Party worth S$15

Participating Countries:

  1. 1.Australia

  2. 2.Brunei

  3. 3.China

  4. 4.Hong Kong

  5. 5.Indonesia

  6. 6.Japan

  7. 7.Korea

  8. 8.Macau

  9. 9.Malaysia

  10. 10.Singapore

  11. 11. Taiwan

  12. 12.Thailand

  13. 13. Vietnam

  14. 14. Philippines

Competition Categories

Pro A Division - Single Hand String Tricks

Pro AA Division - Double Hand Looping Tricks

Pro 3A Division - Double Hand String Tricks

Pro 4A Division - Off-String

Pro 5A Division - Counter Weight

Single A (One-hand String Tricks) Pro division
-This is the division each and every yo-yo player starts out on, whereby the player only plays with one yo-yo at a time. Single A is one of, if not, THE most competitive division around. Attempt to keep up with the fast pace of this division and see how long you can last.

Double A (Two-hand Looping Tricks) Pro division
-This is probably the hardest of all the divisions to tackle for any yo-yo player. Wielding two yo-yos at any given point in time, watch the professions twist and turn both yo-yos around in the air, around their body and around anything ‘plausible’.

3A (Two-handed string tricks) Pro division

-The 3A division is one of the hardest styles of play for any yo-yo player. It may be easy to pick up initially, but it only gets harder as one progresses. This style involves complicated and intricate string tricks with both yo-yos moving around at the same time, requiring immense concentration and accuracy from the player. This year is only the second time AP is having the 3A division, but nonetheless, things are heating up in this division.

4A (Off-String) Pro division
-For the Off-string division, the player plays with a yo-yo not tied on to the end of the string. This basically means that he or she is able to toss the yo-yo around off the string. Watch out for this division and be intrigued by the unlimited possibilities and combinations the player can pull of just by having if off string.

5A (Counter-weight) Pro division
-The 5A division or counter-weight division or freehand division is one whereby the player attaches a dice or any other object at the other end of the yo-yo string, instead of tying it to a finger, and manipulates this object whilst playing with the yo-yo. This gives one the option of tossing the whole set-up into the air (aerial) and other nifty tricks involving the movement of both the object and the yo-yo.

Number of Finalists for APYOYO2016

1A - 15 finalists + seeds

2A - 7 finalists + seeds

3A - 7 finalists + seeds

4A - 7 finalists + seeds

5A - 7 finalists + seeds


For AP16, we will be bringing back the “AP Champion of Champions”! The overall winner will win a return ticket to the World Yo-yo Contest 2016, representing the Asia Pacific region!

There will be additional 3 prizes for each Pro Division:

Champion     - S$500 Cash + Trophy + Prizes

Runner Up     - Trophy + Prizes

2nd Runner Up    - Trophy + Prizes





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1 - 3 July 2016

@ Far East Plaza, Singapore

Jointly Organised by The Singapore Street Festival


Start practicing.